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Moving with Your Pets Pt. 1: Before The Move

Moving to a new place can be exciting! But when you’re relocating with pets, transporting them safely and easily can make all the difference. As animal parents ourselves, we know how daunting it can feel to figure out the best way of making sure your fur babies arrive at their destination happy and healthy. That’s why we’re here: To offer some tips on prepping for a smooth transition while moving with your beloved pet!

Moving with your pets
Our “branch manager” Apollo with two of his buddies!

1. Keep Your Routine As Much As Possible

While you’ve most likely been planning to move for at least a few weeks and are mentally prepared for the change, from your pet’s perspective, you just started randomly packing up and completely changing the environment that they’re accustomed to and comfortable with. Could you imagine if your parents/partner/roommate just started packing up the entire house one day and just wouldn’t tell you why or what was happening? You’d probably be (justifiably) confused and scared.

But what will help your pets remain at ease is being able to feel secure in their routine – that no matter what, they’re still getting breakfast at 8 am and a walk right after just like usual.

2. Pack an Essentials Bag

Prepare an easily-accessible stash of whatever your pet might need in the first few days of living in the new space. Their food and water bowls, a few days’ worth of food, and what will your pet need during the move? Usually a few days’ worth of food, water, litter, a leash, their bed, some treats, and medications. Pack it up into a bag so your pet doesn’t have to live without the essentials because they’re boxed up in a move.

3. Get Them Used to Their Transportation Method

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially for our furry family members. To ensure that moving with pets goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important to get them used to the transportation method early on. Whether you’ll be moving your pet by air, car, or train, start acclimating them to the process beforehand so that when moving day arrives they are accustomed to how they will be traveling. Giving your pet enough time to feel comfortable and relaxed with their chosen mode of transportation – whether it’s familiarizing them with car rides or allowing them needed space while in their carrier – will increase the chances that moving day goes without stress for both you and your beloved pet.

And if you are driving long-distance as part of your move, be sure to plan out pet-friendly hotels ahead of time. Motel 6 is known for its pet-friendly policy and has no additional pet fee.

Now that you know what to do before your move, you’re one step closer to a smooth transition for both you and your pets. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we’ll share tips on what to do during the moving process. In the meantime, if you have any questions about relocating with your furry friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’d be happy to help!

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