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Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck? Yes! Labor-Only Moving Explained

Labor-Only Moving

Are you planning to move across the country and need help getting your belongings from Point A to Point B? Are you wondering if it’s possible to hire movers just for loading a truck? The short answer is yes— you can find professional movers that can do just the loading portion of your cross-country move. In this blog post, we’ll explore what exactly labor-only moving services entail, give tips on how to choose a reliable mover for the job, and layout approximately how much it will cost. So if you’re considering hiring professionals solely for their loading skills rather than entrusting friends with your prized possessions—and eliminating potential strain in relationships—we’ve got all the details here!

Labor-Only Moving

What is Labor-Only Moving and what does it entail?

Hiring labor-only movers is an excellent choice if you need help with loading and unloading, but don’t need a traditional moving truck. Professional movers can pad and wrap your furniture, as well as load up a Uhaul or PODS vehicle with great care so that all of your items are safe during the move. Taking this labor-only approach allows you to save money and ensure that you get exactly what you need!

Cost of Labor-Only vs Full Service

Labor-only moving offers an hourly rate that is lower than that of a full-service move, but you will need to provide your own items like moving blankets, shrink wrap, and other needed supplies – or you can purchase them from us the day of. We bring our own dollies (eliminating the need for you to rent your own), along with stretch wrap, moving blankets, and rachet straps so if you miscalculate, we have you covered. With labor-only movers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safely being loaded and unloaded by professional movers.

Should I Get Full Service Moving or Labor-Only?

When it comes to local moves, it’s worth considering hiring full-service movers as opposed to renting a Uhaul or just the moving labor. The movers come equipped with stretch wrap, padding, and ratchet straps, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying and stocking them yourself. Furthermore, movers know how to efficiently pack their own trucks; not only saving your precious time but also reducing the costs of fuel for a Uhaul or PODS®. While the hourly rate for movers may seem steep at first glance, in the end, you’ll find that it balances out with all of the costs avoided by using them instead!

Where do I find Labor-Only Movers?

Are you looking for movers to help out with your labor-only move in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Look no further! We specialize in providing movers who’ll do all the hard work for you, from loading, unloading, and packing up UHauls and PODS. And if you’re outside of our service area, is a great alternative for connecting with movers in your area. Making sure you have trustworthy, trained movers on your side can make a big difference on moving day, so why not get a helping hand?

Moving is a stressful time, there’s no doubt about it. But by taking some of the load off your shoulders – literally – and hiring movers to handle your loading and unloading needs, you can rest assured that your furniture and belongings will arrive at your new home safe and sound. Plus, professional movers know how to make the most of limited space so you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in. Why not save yourself some stress and get a free estimate from our team of professionals today? You’ll be glad you did when moving day rolls around.

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Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck? Yes! Labor-Only Moving Explained
Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck? Yes! Labor-Only Moving Explained
Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck? Yes! Labor-Only Moving Explained

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